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This blog was originally published on 22 June 2016 on www.acelg.blogactiv.eu By Christina Eckes The first challenge on the day after the UK referendum will be to arrange the EU’s and the 27 Member States’ relationship with the UK, irrespective of the outcome. A victory of the leave campaign would be impossible to ignore. As… » read more

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Amidst debates of varying speeds and directions of European integration, Michael J. Geary and Kiran Klaus Patel point to the need for historical reflection. Historians, they argue, can provide a fresh contribution to the ongoing interdisciplinary discussions on the future direction of the European integration process. Michael J. Geary and Kiran Klaus Patel Contemporary debates… » read more

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Up until the Treaty of Maastricht, there was a growing sense of the unity of a single integrated Community legal order. However, times have changed and the contours of EU legal order have become rather fuzzy. Bruno de Witte argues that the current complex regime of differentiation is likely to stay, and analyses the reasons… » read more

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In the recent ‘Troonrede’ the Dutch King said that the government will have as a point of departure for its presidency in 2016 of the Council of Ministers, a Europe which functions better and aims at essentials. Furthermore it will work towards an innovative Europe with a well-functioning internal market and with open trade relations… » read more

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