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In a recent conference, a collaboration between University of Agder, University of Oslo and Maastricht University, leading experts from Europe and the US, tackled the question how the democratic requirements for transparency could be accommodated with secrecy in the context of foreign policy. This blog shares some of the insights derived from the conference. Dynamic… » read more

Posted by Vigjilenca Abazi

The EU’s Foreign and Security Policy requires an update in a changing global context. Julian Fricke lays down the key challenges to which the new EU Global Strategy needs to respond and derives three objectives innate to the EU’s foreign policy. As the strategy is still under development, he also extends an invitation to the… » read more

Posted by J.Adriaensen

The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) review released in mid-November 2015 has defined a new overarching goal for the EU – ‘stabilising the neighbourhood’. Does this shift in objectives signal a new era for the EU’s relations with its neighbours? Will the ‘new’ ENP become more political, more strategic and more impactful after its failure to… » read more

Posted by Vigjilenca Abazi

By Hylke Dijkstra The French President François Hollande surprised many observers by invoking, for the first time in the history of the EU, the so-called ‘mutual defence clause’. This obscure Article 42.7 obliges all member states to provide aid and assistance to other member states in the case of an armed attack. Last Monday, the… » read more

Posted by Vigjilenca Abazi