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  In light of the numerous important negotiations the EU engages in with its political and commercial partners, transparency remains an essential topic debated among scholars and also in the public sphere. Graham Smith discusses the role of the European Ombudsman in bringing greater transparency to EU negotiations and explains how a proactive approach to… » read more

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As a participant of a workshop recently held in Brussels to discuss the topic of the law and politics of confidential EU negotiations, Gianluca Sgueo analyses the debate scholars and practitioners engaged in and discusses the challenges a “multi-layered” EU transparency culture might face. By Gianluca Sgueo In a workshop recently held in Brussels and… » read more

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When EU Heads of States and Governments unanimously gave the European Commission a mandate to negotiate the EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) on 17 June 2013, they understood that these talks would become the leitmotiv of a new era in EU trade policy. However, few people would have guessed that it would primarily… » read more

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The debate on secrecy about TTIP negotiations is focused on the European Commission not disclosing sufficient information on the positions it defends at the negotiation table. Despite several efforts to improve transparency, such concerns remain prevalent. We argue, however, that the largest obstacle secrecy poses for the success of the TTIP negotiations may not be… » read more

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